Special printing

  • Lenticular

Lenticular technology works as either part of the overall creative or as an entire display. Moving animation like morphing or flip effects ensure they are attention grabbing and can be seen at different angles when you walk past the creative.

Dior - Italy

  • Fully wrapped

Fully wrapped bus shelters are a great way of visually owning a bus shelter and creating a branded zone. Full colour, solid vinyl wraps can be used to brand whole bus shelter or areas with images ensuring maximum standout. Fully wrapped bus shelters or areas are an ideal way to extend brand advertising and create a 'zone' for consumers to feel part of the brand.


Adidas - Israel

                                                                                         Adidas - Israel                                        

The Simpsons - Netherlands

  • Special lighting effects

Special Lighting Effects allow lighting elements in a sequence. Creative ideas can be illuminated with a variety of lighting effects. A special vinyl display, which uses electroluminescent technology, is programmed to display special lighting effects in various colours. The lighting sequence can light up, slowly flash or pulsate. The illumination area is specifically printed to match the creative idea or graphic print.

Tron -Israel

                                                                                          Tron - Israel

Coca-cola - Australia