JCDecaux is launching new social campaign : Obesity Among Children

Nov 25, 2013

Want to participate in a social campaign and affect the nutrition of children in Israel?

What would you do to increase awareness of the dangers of obesity among children? Did you know that Israel is ranked 5th in childhood obesity? Did you know that one in four Israeli children obese?

JCDecaux allows you to change dietary habits of children in Israel and to increase awareness of obesity among children.

What should you do?  prepare a suitable poster for JCDecaux facilities and upload it to the Facebook page of the campaign - that's all! Influence has never been easier.

The campaign will consist of three phases:

1. Campaign  made by the largest advertising agencies in Israel.

2. Public campaign from the Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/jcdecauxobesity.

   The posters will be chosen on the basis :: originality, message transmission and fitting to outdoor media.
   Remember that the selected posters we print in sizes 180 cm by 120 cm.
   JCDecaux representatives will choose the best poster that will be posted on the company's facilities all over Tel Aviv. 

3. Increasing awareness to the campaign through Instagram tab # JCDobesity and promotion on Facebook.
As part of the increased awareness to the campaign, we invite passersby to be photographed near JCDecaux's  facilities with the campaign's posters and upload the image to Instagram and share it on Facebook.

In gratitude - at the end of the campaign we will print a special poster made from  all tagged photos and we will posst it all over Tel aviv

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